Commenting System

My Voice Nation's commenting system is powered by Livefyre. Livefyre powers some of the most trafficked sites including MTV, American Idol, AOL and National Geography to name a few.

When you create a My Voice Nation account you will also be creating a Livefyre account.

What does 'Number of people listening' over the My Voice Nation comment box mean?

The number of people listening indicates the total number of users who are following that conversation and the number of people currently live on the page at that exact moment.

How do I share my comment on Twitter and Facebook?

One of the awesome features that only Livefyre offers is the ability to share comments on various social networks. Whether you want to share a simple link to the conversation or a customized Tweet or Facebook post, Livefyre makes sure you're equipped to do so.

NOTE: You will have to first connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Livefyre profile before being able to use any social sharing feature!

Here are 2 ways to share comments to your Twitter and/or Facebook account:

  1. Share a simple link to Twitter or Facebook:
    1. Sign-in to your Livefyre account
    2. Scroll to the Livefyre comment stream and type your comments
    3. Check the box next to the social network(s) you'd like to share your comment to
    4. Click 'Post Comment'

Do I have to sign up to leave a comment?

While there are many benefits to creating an account with My Voice Nation, not every commenter or community prefers a sign-up process in order to grow the conversation. That's why we've introduced Guest Commenting. My Voice Nation communities now have the option to create an account or to simply enter a display name, an e-mail address, and an optional URL to join in on the conversation.

How to comment as a guest through My Voice Nation:

  1. Open any My Voice Nation-enabled blog post and locate the comment widget
  2. Click "Sign in or Post as Guest"
  3. Enter a display name, your e-mail address, a URL of your choice (optional), and then click "Next"
  4. Click "Skip" to complete the guest sign-in process

How do I follow/unfollow a conversation?

You can follow any Livefyre conversation, and just as easily unfollow it, with a click of a button. Following a Livefyre conversation allows you to receive updates on all the discussion taking place on that particular blog post or article.

How to follow a Livefyre conversation:

  1. Scroll to the Livefyre comment stream
  2. Click "Follow Conversation"

Can I edit my comment after posting it?

At this time, we do not allow the editing of comments, since this would change the context of the comment which affects the overall quality of conversation.

We're always happy to help or listen, so if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.